David Tabatsky provides consultation
    for established and up-and-coming authors
    interested in creating and publishing their
    books, both fiction and non-fiction. In
addition to collaborative writing and writing-for-hire David's services
include: developing a coherent concept and establishing a game plan;
creating a book  proposal; editing manuscripts; procuring an agent or
publisher; and ushering an author through the process of self-publishing.

David's past and present clients include:

  • Acclaimed singer and jewelry artist Laurie Rubin, with whom   
    David collaborated on her memoir, Do You Dream in Color?,        
    to be published in October 2012 by Seven Stories Press

  • Houston neurologist Dr. Randall Wright, with whom David is
    collaborating on the book, The Wright Choice: Your Family's
    Prescription For Healthy Eating, Modern Fitness and Saving

  • Rina Golan, author of Dear Mister Bollywood: How I Fell in Love
    with India, Bollywood and Shah Rukh Khan

  • Emily Beaver, 15-year-old author of Slipping Reality, the story  of
    her brother Matthew's struggle with cancer and how she survived

  • Cancer survivor Edel Blumberg, with whom David collaborated on
    Edel’s as-told-to memoir, LIAR!: How I Kept Colitis and Crohn’s
    Disease a Secret and Lived to Survive Colon Cancer (Twice)

  • Photographer Garry Gross, whose Old Dogs Can Learn New
    Tricks: A Loving Tribute to Our Senior Best Friends, Featuring
    Resources for Care and Custody was edited by David. (Click here
    for an overview of the project.)

  • Leon Wildes, John Lennon’s immigration lawyer in his battle with
    Richard Nixon and the U.S. Government

  • Psychiatrist Mark Banschick, M.D., with whom David collaborated
    on The Intelligent Divorce (Because Your Kids Come First)

  • Editta Sherman, aka, "The Duchess of Carnegie Hall," with whom
    David collaborated on her photographic 

  • Family therapist and eating disorder counselor Judi Hollis

  • Kay Corbett, with whom David is working on Calla Lillies (The
    True Story of A Mother's Uncompromising Love for Her
    Stepdaughters  as They Fight Abuse, Addiction and Poverty)

  • Legendary baby photographer/author Constance Bannister

  • Novelist and founder of the "Women Who Write" literary salon,  
    Vicki Abelson

  • Businessman and philanthropist Sandy Batkin, for whom David
    wrote The Boy Behind the Door, based on the true story of a Dutch
    boy’s escape during the Holocaust

  • Bert Goolsby, a member of the South Carolina legal profession,   
    for whom David edited the WWII-era young adult novel, Rubber
    Guns and Slingshots

  • Journalist and novelist Anne Heinrich, and her debut novel, God
    Bless the Child

  • Musician Cliff Brodsky, author of I Found God in Hollywood

  • David Bognar, author of Enlightenment

  • Lower school principal and rabbi Shira Leibowitz, Ph.D

  • Radio host and inspirational speaker Jay Ratliff, and his book,   
    The Power of Personal Communication

  • Iconic singer and actress Lainie Kazan

  • Playwrights Jill Brooke and D.D. Rice and their new work What's
    Eating You?

  • Seattle novelist Marcia McGreevy Lewis, with whom David
    consulted on her fiction trilogy

“Thanks for all the right words, the
loving care and good times that made
this book possible. Love, Marlo”
Marlo Thomas, author of The Right
Words at the Right Time, Volume 2:
Your Turn!

"David Tabatsky presented several
great talks and workshops last week
[June 2015] at CCI for staff, volunteers,
cancer patients, caregivers and
survivors. His Write for Life discussions
and workshops were inspiring. I
strongly recommend David to other
cancer facilities!"
Emily Pauli, Director of Research at
Clearview Cancer Institute, Huntsville,

"I have had the privilege of working with
David Tabatsky over the past year and
a half on a project that started simply
as editing a manual for a course I had
been teaching, which then blossomed
into a collaboration on a wonderful
book I am truly proud of. I could not
have done it without David. He is a
professional in the best sense of the
word––timely, dedicated and easy to
work with. David has a keen
organizational mind, a tenacious will to
get things done and a love of working
with other people. He can synthesize
ideas and bring out the very best in a
writer. He always keeps his eye on the
prize––the final product. I strongly
recommend him."
Mark R. Banschick, M.D., Child,
Adolescent & Adult Psychiatrist,
adjunct Professor, Hebrew Union

“I’m your biggest fan!”
Karen Gantz Zahler, President,
Karen Gantz Zahler Literary

“David helped me solve a difficult
organizational problem that had my
agent and me stumped. He was able to
quickly get the problem, asking me
probing, respectful, enthusiastic and
thought-provoking questions. He
returned my manuscript loaded with
sidebar comments and suggestions,
and delivered his advice in a very
energized and exuberant style. I was at
a stage of feeling befuddled and giving
up, but David’s help inspired me to
tackle the project with new gusto!  
Judi Hollis, Ph.D, author of Fat is a
Family Affair and Fat and Furious:
Women and Food Obsession

“David’s encouragement and expertise
has been a tremendous boost to my
writing. While advising and editing my
first novel, David’s patience and
commitment helped me produce my
best work. He’s made all of the
difference in the world. One of the
things I appreciate most is David’s
willingness to take on my project at a
pace I can handle. He has pushed me
to become a more thoughtful writer. It
is my hope to be working with David
Tabatsky for a very long time.”
Anne Shaw Heinrich, author and
freelance writer

“After reading just a few pages of my
novel, David offered a brilliant
suggestion to help solve a dilemma that
had burdened me for years. David has
enabled me to reshape my book, and
thanks to his guidance, I have found a
greater clarity and strengthened my
vision. David’s efforts on my behalf
were swift and meticulous. He was
inspiring and great fun and, I’m certain,
has helped me write a better book.”
Vicki Abelson, Founder of
Women Who Write

“Dear David, Now that The Boy Behind
The Door is finished, I just wanted to
say what a great job you did in bringing
it to fruition. We had a many hurdles to
conquer & your creativity was most
helpful in clearing them. Once again
thanks for a job well done.”
Sanford L. Batkin, businessman
and philanthropist

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