Written and directed by David
Tabatsky—and starring opera
singer and orchestral soloist
Linn Maxwell in the title role—
A Whole Lotte Lenya premiered
in New York City in the fall of
2004. Tracing the dramatic life
of iconic Austrian singer/actress
Lotte Lenya, and featuring the
music of her legendary
husband, composer Kurt Weill,
this acclaimed one-woman show
paid tribute to one of the most
storied women of the musical
stage, and boasted a rich
treasure trove of songs, written
and performed in English,
German and French.
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“A supremely skillful performer and
a fine actor...he reaches levels
which no other comics have
matched at this Fringe.”
—Edinburgh Festival review, The

“...an extremely sharp satirist,
David Tabatsky is a clown satirizing
an entertainer who would like to be
an acrobat who is really a reborn
Cologne Stadtanzeiger

“A skilled juggler...an effervescent
comedian...Tabatsky doesn’t joke,
he tells stories, like the ‘wild and
crazy guy’ Steve Martin, with a
deeper meaning like George Carlin
and a dry Jewish humor like Woody
Berliner Morgenpost

“...an Oedipus drama Woody Allen
himself could not have directed any
Berliner Zeitung

“...always a very sharp observer.”

“He generally delights the audience
with his vulnerable charm and
The Village Voice

“...full of perpetual movement, he
held a celebration onstage. When
Tabatsky explores social taboos,
the laughter is likely to stick in your
throat. His often times very dark
character and milieu studies were
the highlight of the weekend.”
—International Comedy Festival
review, Germany
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